ROC Analysis Software

The Statistics Consulting Group  (SCG) developed a comprehensive toolbox to help researchers and scientists in their ROC analysis (Receiver Operating Characteristic).

New on the market, ROCTools offers a direct and simple reading of Microsoft Excel data. Standard statistical software such as SAS and SPSS allow easy exportation of the data in Excel format. Results and graphs are obtained quickly: area under the curve, standard error, confidence interval, etc. ROCTools compares two or more dependent ROC curves using the Delong, Delong and Clarke-Pearson (1998) method.

ROCTools uses a non parametric approach and thus does not require the assumption of a normal distribution of observations. The methods of calculation (estimators, tests) used by ROCTools were validated in the scientific literature and provide precise results (Allaire, 1997; Hajian-Tilaki & Hanley, 2002).