Families and Patients

Alleviating suffering, countering violence: A unique mission

The Institut Philippe-Pinel de Montréal admits patients from all over Quebec and outside the province. The hospital has 292 beds divided between fifteen care units. Multidisciplinary teams ensure care is provided according    to individual treatment plans designed to help people regain their health and to promote their return to society.



If your friend or family member is here, it is because this individual needs ultraspecialized monitoring or treatment that is not available in other hospitals or psychiatry departments. The Institut possesses the necessary expertise and resources to look after these patients and help them function better. Treatment plans are based on the nature of the patient's health problem and on respect for the individual. These plans support vulnerable patients and foster their independence within a suitable support structure.


Getting news
Information on a person's health status is confidential. Hospitalized individuals must authorize the disclosure of any information concerning their health status. Although sensitive to the concerns of families, the health care team must respect a patient's decision to refuse disclosure and will not provide information without the patient's authorization.


Phone communication with patients is allowed at specific hours according to their treatment plan and the schedule of the care unit to which they have been admitted. Collect calls are not accepted.